It is time to heal, relax and rejuvinate!

Introducing Wild River—a cutting-edge formula that harnesses the potency of natural ingredients for swift and effective pain relief. Our carefully crafted blend targets inflammation, soothes muscle spasms, and alleviates arthritic joints and nerve pain. Notably, our formula leverages the remarkable antioxidant power of topically applied cannabis, surpassing even vitamin C and E. It fortifies the skin’s natural barrier function and promotes cell regeneration.

Experience a myriad of benefits with our formula, boasting fast absorption, deep moisturization, and antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. This unique combination nourishes and shields the skin, making it ideal for use on the entire body.

Wild River’s fast-acting and deeply penetrating formula is designed for optimal pain relief, skin nourishment, and protection. It swiftly absorbs, moisturizes without pore-clogging, and is suitable for all skin types. Elevate your skincare routine with Wild River—where nature meets innovation for a harmonious blend of healing and indulgence.


Anti Aging Skin Care
Back + Neck Pain
Burns + Bug Bites
Migraines + Headaches
Stress + Wellness
Post-Surgical Support

Ingredients you love

Deep Moisturization

Wild River's formula provides intense hydration to the skin, ensuring that it remains soft, supple, and well-nourished.

Antioxidant Protection

Leveraging the antioxidant prowess of cannabis, our blend surpasses the effects of vitamins C and E, guarding the skin against environmental stressors and aiding in cell regeneration.

Anti aging Properties

The unique combination of ingredients in Wild River offers robust protection against microbial and bacterial elements, contributing to healthier, clearer skin.

Enhanced Skin Barrier

The formula strengthens the skin's natural barrier, promoting its ability to repair and regenerate, thus maintaining its resilience and youthful appearance.

I’m very picky about what I’ll put on my face when it comes to beauty products, but the Revitalizing Moisturizer does it for me. I put one pump on I the mornings which leaves me dewy but not oily AND it smells great! In the evenings I like to put 3-4 pumps and I wake up with glowing, hydrated skin.

Catherine A, 32
Sonoma Co., CA

The Pain Cream is hands down my favorite, I’ve been using it for years and nothing else that I’ve used works as good. And it feels great and it smells great!

Linda W.
Whitethorne, CA

I've been using WRF skin care products exclusively for several years. I also use their CBD healing salves. I find that the body care line helps to hydrate and heal my aging skin. I use it on my face and hands the most. I don't know where I'd be without it. It's an exemplary CBD enhanced product.

Ascha C., 65
Mendocino, CA

After burning myself with hot oil splatter while cooking, I put Wild River Farms CBD Pain Cream on the burn spots, and it immediately started relieving the pain and sting from the burns. It also smells great!

Andrea Powers
Eureka, CA

WRF's Revitalizing CBD Moisturizer is amazing with how quickly it is absorbed and how instantly it makes my skin feel happy and appear less wrinkled. A little goes a long way. A great and unique moisturizer I love and never want to be without!!

Bettye Etter
Humboldt Co. CA

Elevate your skincare
with Wild River

where nature meets innovation
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